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Cebu Tower Palace, a CEBU CONDOMINIUM in Ayala Business Center

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A Cebu Condominium soon to rise in the heart of Cebu business Park, CEBU TOWER PALACE; a new residential CEBU CONDO that will feature 19-floors of high-end condominium units, including 2 floors exclusively for penthouse buyers, complete with stylish, modern interior designs and state-of-the-art technology.


Early in the morning, you can smell the fresh scent of the dewy grass when you do your daily jog on concrete-laden streets around the park. Truly, it's a place that features the best of both worlds.

Apart from the 200 units, CEBU TOWER PALACE is envisioned to be one of the finest CONDO FOR SALE PHILIPPINES. It will feature facilities such as a grand lobby, 2 function rooms, a business center, 4 level basement parking that can hold 226 cars, spa facilities, a fitness gym, day care center and two swimming pools.

Another unique facet of this CEBU REAL ESTATE project is the extensive use of state-of-the-art technology in the Cebu condo units. Doors are equipped with digital keypad door lock system which can store multiple security codes. Sensor systems inside the units automatically turn on and off when a person enters or leaves the room. Its intricate and extensive sprinkler systems ensure its residents that damage caused by fire is minimal. Backup generator system is also provided

PROXIMITY. Cebu Tower Palace Residential Condominium is nestled right in the heart of Cebu Business Park, a sprawling CEBU REAL ESTATE development teeming with business, residential, sports, recreations and leisure facilities set in the middle of wide expanses of greenery and concrete streets and pathways.

Sense of BelongingTower Palace Residential Condominium makes you feel the true essence of community. Whether jogging with the family every monrning in the park, having a chat with your neighbor or having a leisurely stroll after work. Tower Palace Residential Condominium offers you that unique sense of belonging.

High Society. Join the ranks of high society and experience the art of posh living at a reasonably hip price. Mingle with elite nobles of Cebu and bask in the company of bask movers and influential personalities of the city.

Indeed, the best thing about investing in Tower Palace Residential Condominium is the rate at which the property appreciates. Since it's located at Cebu Business Park, a prime real estate area, annual property appreciation rates can range from 15% to 20% per year.

I'ts definitely a hassle-free investment for you. Investing in Tower Palace may prove to be less pricey in the long run compared to luxury homes whose appreciation rates may become erratic over the next few years. Certainly, the long term value of the property around the Cebu Business Park can only be expected to rise as more future developments continue. After all, it's a place that would surely attract more tourists, businessmen, luxury buyers and investors.  Plus it's walking distance from the best lifestyle centers in the city and it's highly accessible from major areas of the metropolis

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CEBU TOWER PALACE is a 19-Storey building with inclusions/ amenities of each condominium unit:

Blue glass panels
4 elevator units
Wooden box and molding
Wooden floors
Condo Spa
Grand Lobby
Digital Door Locks
CATV All Floors
2 Swimming Pools (Adult and Kids)
Fully-Equipped Gym and Lockers
2 Function Rooms
Condo Play Area
Day Care Center
Business Center.

Ground Lobby. The moment you step inside TOWER PALACE Residential Condominium, you'll feel right at home with the warm graciousness of our staff at the Ground Lobby. Whatever your needs are, the staff will be eager to offer assistance.
Swimming Pool. Wash your worries away with a soothing dip at our two swimming pools (Adult and Kiddie)
Multi-System Airconditioning. We only use the best airconditioners in all units and our multi-system airconditioning ensures that you live with the cozy comfort that truly feels home.
Elevators. Get to your unit fast with the use of 4 elevators that operate 24 hours a day.
Security. Closed circuit TVs enable us to monitor the elevators, basement and ground floor areas 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With that in mind, you'll sleep well knowing that your residence will be safe.
Digital Door Locks. All the units in TOWER PALACE Residential Condominium use state-of-the-art digital keypad door lock systems, which can store multiple security codes and has an override system to prevent accidental locking.
Fire Alarm & Sprinkler Systems. TOWER PALACE Residential Condominium uses the latest technology in fire prevention systems and its intricate and extensive sprinkler system ensure that damage caused by fire will immediately minimized.
Parking Space. Finding a place to park your car is never a problem. Tower Palace Residential Condominium features four levels of basement parking with a total of 250 parking slots. With a sheltered parking facility like this, your vehicles will remain safe from unpleasant weather and other external elements.
Business Center. Need to fax an important document? Or have some papers photocopied?. Visit our business center and you'll find everything you need.
Fitness Gym. Relieve your body from stress with a healty dose of exercise, do your work out at fitness Gym, which features complete facilities and equipment.
SPA. Live with panache, relax with style. After a long day at work, reinvigorate your body with the relaxing treatments available at our ground floor SPA facilities.
Day Care Center. You need not worry about your kids while you're away at work - take them to the day care center or let them frolic to their heart's content at the Play Area.
Function Rooms. Throw a party right next to your home. With two function rooms, you can host parties, set up business meetings, and even hold mini-seminars easily. In addition, the staff will only be glad to give you a hand.

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Clean Surroundings. Take a whiff of the fresh air when you wake up every morning. The surrounding park is laden with trees and grassy spaces ideal for lesisurely walks with the kids. Indeed Tower Palace Residential Condominium gently invites you to savor the idyllic beauty of its scenery.

Ambiance and Space. For us, it's important that we make our customers feel at home as soon as they step inside Tower Palace Residential Condominium. That's why it is designed to give you the unique ambiance of home and a convivial sense of space to make sure you'll settle right in. Live in a prime area that's devoid of cramped space and unsightly features. With side open spaces and grassy expanses, you cn relax, have fun and do business at the same time.

Time. Because of the accessibility of the location, you can have more freedom to spend your time wisely. Whether it's for business or for pleasure, you can control your time better and more effectively.

Comfort. You're in your own space and you own your time, but nothing beats that certain comfort that makes you feel truly at home.

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To view FLOOR PLANS and other information on ALL UNITS in CEBU CONDOMINIUM Cebu Tower Palace, please contact us.

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